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Corrections & Feedback

While an inordinate amount of research has gone into the making and updating of this website (trust me!), no one is perfect, including this webmaster. Among the endless types of feedback appreciated, feel free to send along any website corrections (e.g. spelling and other clerical errors), information updates, personal anecdotes, etc. All types of feedback, corrections, updates and information are welcome!

Contact the webmaster. Many thanks, in advance, to any information you may provide!


On each page in the website, the New! and Updated graphics to denote new or changed information.
New! is primarily used for information which has not previously been featured on the website, or at least in the listing in question. This applies to both "new" information, such as brand-new changes to a highway, as well as information added to a listing. Updated is primarily used for information previously featured which has been updated or enhanced.