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Other Sites

A few of the other websites authored and/or maintained by the webmaster of the Wisconsin Highways website include:

Michigan Highways

Very similar to the Wisconsin Highways website, the Michigan Highways website is a sister site dedicated to the state just east of Wisconsin. Michigan was the second state to number and post its state trunkline system, just after Wisconsin. This site chronicles that entire system.

Great Lakes Circle Tour

Welcome to the Great Lakes Circle Tour website, dedicated to the past, present and future of the scenic routes encircling four of the five Great Lakes: Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie. This website is intended to be a clearinghouse of information on the Circle Tours, from travel and tourism information to technical specifications on the routes themselves.

Ontario Highways

In recent history, the Ontario highway system has undergone massive change and the Ontario Highways website chronicles those changes. (Please Note: This site has been in quasi-hiatus for several years. Plans are to revive the site in the future, however.)


The personal website of the author and webmaster of WisconsinHighways.org. Updated sporadically.