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Scenic Byways

Wisconsin Scenic Byway route markerWisconsin Scenic Byway route marker assemblyWisconsin’s Scenic Byways Program was initiated in 1999 due to the passage of Wisconsin Act 9 which directed WisDOT to develop and administer a State Scenic Byways program, similar to ones in other states. The Scenic Byways are a cooperative effort between the state and local communities to identify state highway corridors possessing certain scenic and historic qualities. The first routes were designated in 2005.

State Scenic Byways can potentially be designated a National Scenic Byway, as is the case with the Great River Road, and such a designation can bring additional recognition and promotional opportunities. State and nationally-designated byways are eligible to apply for federal grant funds and designated scenic byways benefit from special signage and promotional efforts.

According to WisDOT, a Scenic Byway should posses the following qualities:

State Scenic Byways are designated once applicants complete a two-step process involving a resource assessment and the completion of a corridor management plan and having attained resolutions of support from the various local governments along the route. As WisDOT states, "The Scenic Byway program is a cooperative effort between local communities and WisDOT to identify and promote state highway corridors with scenic and/or historical attributes that provide travelers an enjoyable visual, educational and recreational experience."

State Scenic Byway Routes

As a future enhancement to this website, pages dedicated to the individual State Scenic Byways are being planned.

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