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Wisconsin Route Listings

Each of the route designations in the State of Wisconsin are broken down into the listings pages shown below. As all numbered state trunk highway routes in Wisconsin fall under the auspices of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, routes of different "types," such as Interstates and US Highways, are integrated into the listings pages. Thus, US-12 is found on the Highways 10-19 page and I-535 is found on the 400-894 page, etc.

Please Note: The information on the older route listings listed here has not been updated for a few years. As the Wisconsin Highways website undergoes its complete overhaul and update, individual pages for each route will replace the multi-route pages. Please stay tuned!

  Also find specific highway listings using the Wisconsin State Trunk Highway Map which breaks the state into six detailed maps and includes a Milwaukee County inset.

State Highways


Connecting Highways (by WisDOT District)