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Great Lakes Circle Tours

Great Lakes Circle Tour markerThe Great Lakes Circle Tours are a total of four routes circling each Great Lake, with the exception of Lake Ontario. The State of Wisconsin has signed each of the circle tours for the Great Lakes the state touches: the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Circle Tours. These tours were originally conceived as an aid for travellers who wished to stick close to the shorelines of the lakes in their journeys. The Lake Michigan Circle Tour was the first route established in the late-1980s, with Superior following in the early 1990s.

The links below lead to specific information and precise routings for each of the Circle Tours:

Lake Michigan Circle Tour

The first of the official Circle Tours, the Lake Michigan Circle Tour runs the entire length of Wisconsin's eastern shore and loops through the Door Peninsula. The LMCT is also the longest of the the two Circle Tour routes within Wisconsin and is also the only one which, in its entire distance, does not leave the U.S.

Lake Superior Circle Tour

Although not the first official Great Lake Circle Tour, the Lake Superior Circle Tour has roots which stretch back decades when tourism associations in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario promoted the route.

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